Jackets and Boots for Your Dog

dog wearing jacket for warmth

It’s only the middle of August but there is a chill in their air here in Summit County and the leaves will be turning soon. People are finding that their dogs that have a thinner coat are starting to shiver a bit first thing in the morning and that gets them thinking about whether or not their dog needs a jacket for winter. People will ask us if their dog needs a jacket and our response is “they will let you know”.

dog jackets of all sizes and colorsIf your dog is visibly shaking and seems miserable in the colder temperatures I would say “yes”, your dog needs a coat. Often times they can get away with a lighter weight fleece or sweater in the fall and a heavier coat in the colder winter months. At A&A Pet Supply we carry literally hundreds of coats in sizes to fit the tiniest of Chihuahuas to the largest of Great Danes. We carry brands like Ruff Wear, RC, Ultra Paws, Gold Paws and more.

Bringing your dog into the store to get fitted properly is encouraged as every dog is different and has different body styles and will have different needs in terms of fit. This winter we will start carrying full body snowsuits for those dogs that are extremely cold or need more coverage to prevent snow from sticking to all of the hair making them a walking snowball. All of our coats are very technical and are designed to keep your dog warm and dry, while being stylish.

dog bootiesA&A Pet Supply also carries a large selection of dog boots again in all sizes and styles. Our dog boots are designed for different purposes as well. If you are hiking a lot with your dog and find that they are in need of more traction as well as protection from the rocks and sharp thorns we have dog boots with Vibram soles. We also have boots for winter to keep your dog bounding through the snow and ice. But if your dog is simply not wanting to go for a walk, or even just go outside to go to the bathroom in the dead of winter due to the cold, we have simple boots that will provide a level of protection that will allow them to venture outside and enjoy as much or as little of the cold as they want without having their feet freeze! We carry boots from Ruffwear, Ultra Paws, Pawz, Muttluks, and more. We again encourage you to bring your dog in to be fitted as their feet can be as varied in size as our feet.

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