What Makes Summit County Pets Different?

dog hiking in High Country

Here in Summit County, we like to say that we live in paradise. Most everything that we do revolves around being outside. Since statistically there are more pets than people in Summit County it makes sense that we take our pets everywhere we go. One of the things that is different in Summit County than in the rest of the country is that we are what you would call big dog country. This is not to say that there are no little dogs, but as a whole people up here in the high country prefer a dog that can go where ever they go. That being said I have seen small dogs that can out hike, swim and run their big dog counterparts. Dogs here have to be able to deal with extreme weather, which in Summit County can happen all in the same day. It’s not unusual for a day to consist of sun, snow, wind and rain and a temperature change of 50 degrees or more! Just another day in paradise!

Even our cats here in Summit are a little different. I have seen cats that are out walking in the snow with their people and loving it! Cats that are inside/outside cats learn to deal with the extreme weather just like their doggie friends. They do have some other challenges if they are outside cats in avoiding the wildlife that is abundant in Summit. Coyotes and foxes are known to take cats and small dogs when they get a chance.

There are no shortage of things to do with your furry friends in Summit and most everyone here takes full advantage of that. Its not unusual find dogs at the top of a 14er, skinning up a mountain and then racing down, sitting in a kayak, on the back of a motorcycle or snowmobile or even on a bike. They travel across the country with their adventure seeking people and love every moment of it!

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